Post Work Out

Eating protein powder, after a workout, fuels muscle growth. This terminology is known as protein timing. This means the resistance training causes an increase in amino acid delivery to muscles along with absorption. Hence, if you consume protein after exercise there is bigger stimulation in muscle protein synthesis. In short, a correct protein timing helps to get bigger long-term gains in body strength and mass.

Benefits of Protein Powder after Workout:

• It takes more time for solid food to digest, to break down the proteins and then sends it to muscles. Consuming Protein Powder Post Workout is the best way since it takes only about 30 minutes to reach the muscle after intake.

• After the workout, our body is in the need of nutrition to recover, but the body doesn’t have enough calories to nullify the nutrition since those calories are burned during exercise. Taking protein shakes helps our body to recover faster and gain the required strength.

• Having a protein shake after a workout reduces the risk of muscular soreness. It increases the immunity of the body against various infections thus reducing frequent visits to the doctor.

• Protein drinks also help in weight loss. They help in reducing your calorie intake. Since the protein drinks contain enough nutrients

Best Time to Drink Protein After Workout:

For the recovery of muscular strength, drink the protein shake within first 30 minutes after exercise. An intense workout puts a strain on our body which sometimes leads to a breakdown in muscles. Intake of protein immediately after a workout helps in muscle repair thereby promoting muscular growth. For best recovery after exercise choose a drink with a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

Look Before You Leap!

Before consuming protein powder, make sure to read its nutritional facts and ingredients. If you are on any prescribed medication, consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplements as some ingredients contained in them can interact with your medicines.

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