7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying Supplements

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying Supplements

Buying supplements can be very confusing It's very easy to fall for scams, buy the wrong supplements or just chase after brands that are well-known instead of looking at the content of the supplements. Supplements are needed when your diet is lacking the nutrients it needs. The first thing to do is improve your diet. No supplement can match organically obtained nutrients from food. So never think that you don't have to eat because you have taken supplements.

What are Bodybuilding Supplements?

Bodybuilding supplements aid in reaching your fitness goals. Certain supplements assist in lowering your risk for certain diseases, helping your mental health, weight gain, weight loss and increase your energy. Seems simple right? Yes it does, but when it comes to what's going into your body you need to be as careful as possible. So here are 7 things I wish I knew before buying supplements:

1. Multivitamin are like an Insurance Policy

Consumption of multivitamin supplements is a great step towards your fitness and health goals in general. However, according to Heather Mangieri, (Registered Dietitian, Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Author of Fueling Young Athletes), “Any multivitamin is better than none, although it’s not a replacement for a healthy diet—it’s merely a supplement to a healthy diet.” Concluding, multivitamins acts like insurance policy. If there is vitamin deficiency in your body, then taking supplements helps you sort that out. Also, taking supplements when you are generally healthy will benefit your body in case you're missing out any key nutrients.

A great way to decide what vitamins to take is to take a blood test. You can do book an appointment at your local doctors surgery. It is immensely useful for someone trying to improve their health/ physical condition. Wait for them to deliver your results and then choose what to take based on that. Deficiencies in certain areas can make general life harder and significantly harm productivity, efficiency and physical performance.

2. More is NOT Better

As the famous quote says, ‘Too much of anything is bad’, it is advised to follow the recommended dosages on the label. This is necessary for you to remain in good shape, and healthy in the future. Since the dietary supplements cannot replace a balanced diet, intake of too many supplements can cause health problems.

Remember the most important thing is longevity in fitness. You want to look good and be healthy for years to come. Not just be healthy for the summer then get back to being fat for the rest of the year. Longevity is the key and overdosing on bodybuilding supplements does not help. There is no shortcut to being fit, and as Roosevelt stated: "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty." Your struggles will make you more disciplined and that is part of the journey.

For example, I know a lot of people that just thought taking more whey protein will increase their size and strength. True they did grow, but they didn't need to consume as much as they did. And today they have kidney problems due to them overdosing and have lost a lot of weight because their kidneys cannot handle proteins and complex fats. There are many ways to do things and sometimes things are too good to be true. Make sure you pay attention to what is recommended on the container.

3. Nutritional Breakdown is Important than Brand

Many people select their bodybuilding supplements based on the brand. This is not the right way. When selecting a supplement, compare two supplements of different brands based on their nutritional content. It may sound hard, but all you have to do is check. Try to compare the percentage or grams of certain vitamins in each. Then select the supplement that fulfils your needs.

Nutritionists advise not to run behind the expensive and popular multivitamin, rather select the one that has the basics and gives helps your in the gym or whatever activities you are doing.

4. Content is more Important than Brand or Flavour when Choosing Protein Supplements

When you are taking protein supplements, it is more important to note what you need it for and what type of protein is being used. Make sure you check for allergens when picking. Lastly pick a flavour from the type you think is suitable for you. Choosing a high-quality protein powder is beneficial as it helps keep you consume high amounts of proteins even during a busy day.

Nutritionists observe that with age especially for men, they need to maintain muscle integrity. This can be achieved by having protein supplements in the morning with the first meal and then spreading it out throughout the day.

5. They Can Interact with Existing Medications

Before buying a new supplement, it is necessary to check your current diet and the medicines that you are taking. This is important because dietary supplements are not recommended in certain situations. For example, those who are pregnant or suffering from diabetes and hypertension. many vitamin supplements have certain herbs as ingredients. These herbs might interact with the medicines. So if you are on medication or feel like the supplement you are taking is harming your health it is important to consult your doctor. A safe method would be to speak to your doctor and ask their opinion (they are the experts) before taking bodybuilding supplements.

6. Different People Will Get Benefited in Different Ways

Mother nature has made each of us differently. Due to that, bodybuilding supplements will have different effects on our bodies. According to Mangieri, “B12 is a popular vitamin in the media that promotes energy. If you have a deficiency, you will experience fatigue. However, if you don’t have a deficiency, taking more B12 will not give you more energy”.

Just because says they got great results because of a particular supplement, it doesn’t mean that the same will work for you. So, it is necessary to do the proper research and speak to someone who you know is knowledgeable on the subject if you are unsure.

7. It is Important for the Purity to be Tested by Third Parties

Can you guarantee that bodybuilding supplement you have purchased is 100% pure? Obviously, your answer will be ‘No’. But you need not be worried because there are third parties that judge the purity of the supplement before introducing them in the market.

When buying any supplement look for the label for a company that uses third-party testing. You will find this in the form of a stamp somewhere on the label with a specific symbol that indicates the company has conducted third-party testing.

This is essential because there are a lot of brands in the market who do not implement third-party testing. And when someone doesn't do this, it is safe to assume that they have something to hide. It is always safer to choose companies that are more transparent and trustworthy.

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