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About us

Pro Fitness DNA specialises in providing highest quality brands at affordable prices. Pro Fitness DNA is unique in selecting high-grade supplements that are on the market, our team has been personally involved in the fitness industry for over 2 decades and use their expertise and experience when choosing which products to sell. Whether your goal is to exercise for weight-loss, lifestyle changes or for competitive reasons, we can tailor the supplements to your requirements.Over the years many products have flooded the market, some of these products are quite inferior, so from a consumer point of view, it is important to be able to appreciate which are quality products and which are not. We have a close relationship with many pro-athletes from various sectors of the fitness and lifestyle industry; We offer products used by people we know, such as Ronnie Coleman, Zak Khan, Jay Cutler and we are thankful to be associated with the biggest name that is taking the South Asian bodybuilding scene by storm Sheru Aangrish.

Our Method

We don't just sell any old products. When a new product comes on the market we take it, analyse it and get our panel of athletes to try it out and then either reject it or give it our approval. Only then will you see it appear on our website. So you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product at an affordable price, that is going to do exactly what it says on the label. We want you to use supplements that are truly going to help you to reach your goals.

Personalised Training

Having lived and breathed bodybuilding for over 20 years, having been fortunate to have worked with the biggest names in the industry we have now assembled a UNIQUE TEAM that will not only support you to reach your goals but will smash the ceiling. Our team understands that there is not a 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL' solution available. We will not only guide you through your personal journey but support you with the foundation that will accommodate your lifestyle.

 Having trained with the likes of Ronnie Coleman, 8 x Mr Olympia and Jay Cutler, who are the epitome of extreme body sculpturing, you learn a thing or 2 and understand the importance of balance.

  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Balanced Lifestyle
  • Balanced Life Goals

 All of the above is the DNA which creates a foundation to take your goals in a new direction.

 We understand the impact that modern day life has on health and the stress it can have on you and others. We will sit down with you and discuss how we can improve the following

  • Weightloss
  • Lifestyle Goals
  • Improve Confidence

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Have a question?

If you have any questions about any of our fitness supplements, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our up-most to answer your query in an open and honest manner. As with all supplements, if you are unsure about taking them or if you have any existing medical conditions that may be affected by them, we recommend that you speak to your doctor first.